New In Our Shop

New In Our Shop

Are you looking for some new Scandinavian items and trends? We offer a variety of Nordic influenced items that will add some trendiness to your dwelling. With our exciting new Scandinavian gift ideas for any type of home from the Nordic to the average American household, you’re able to enjoy an assortment of nifty trinkets. The Scandinavian Shoppe is a Scandinavian outlet that offers many delightful items to spruce up your home. If you want more of a Nordic vibe in your residence, then the Scandinavian Shoppe is able to accommodate you with all of our home decor, Nordic gift glass, and kitchen and table items. In the New In Our Shop category, we want to share with you some of the new trends and Scandinavian gift ideas you can incorporate in your home or gift to someone for a birthday, holiday, or just to show your appreciation of them.

What is your style in your home? Do you enjoy more of Nordic vibe or are you more of a traditional household with an array of styles spread out through your home? Whatever the case may be, make your Scandinavian home beautiful with our Scandinavian outlet. With influences of traditional Scandinavian trends with a modern twist, you’re able to find a little of everything at the Scandinavian Shoppe. From classic Nordic pieces to items that have a unique, modern quality to them, you’ll be able to capture the Nordic vibe at the Scandinavian Shoppe. If you’re looking to incorporate the Nordic style in your home, then we recommend starting with the Swedish dishcloths below, or the Scandinavian table runners to give your home more of a Nordic aura. In addition, all of our products are eco-friendly and handmade, which helps to individualize each piece we carry.

Discover a new side of style and culture with the Scandinavian Shoppe. If you’re tired of looking around your home and seeing the same little trinkets, then it’s time you take a step out of your comfort zone to incorporate some new trends and culture into your home. From Classic Mulling Spices to Handmade Decorative Flat Candles, you’re able to add a little Nordic culture to all of your home from your kitchen to the bathroom. In our New In Our Shop category, we’re able to offer kitchen towels, little ornaments you can hang outside or inside, different soups, and kitchen utensils such as dishes and ceramic mugs. In addition, you can also add a little Nordic splash to your style with some of our clothing options. To incorporate a Nordic feel into your home, shop at the Scandinavian Shoppe.

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