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Grammy Greta's Swedish Almond Cake

When I was a young child, I spent a tremendous amount of time at my Grandparent's house, especially in my Grandmothers kitchen. We always called my grandmother Grammy Greta...she was such a special lady...always cooking for everyone. Whatever she was making for us, she used real milk and real butter and contrary to "modern wisdom", she and my grandfather lived long lives, well into their nineties. Greta's recipe for almond cake was the standard which everyone in our family used. Click here for Grammy's recipe...

Mrs. Olson's Swedish Almond Cake

Mrs. Olson and my Grandmother were in charge of the kitchen at our church which was across the street from my Grandmothers house in Worcester, Massachusetts. If you asked either one of them who was in charge, each would say they were...As a boy I spent a lot of time going back and forth from the house to Sunday school. If I wanted to find my Grandmother I need only look in either kitchen....but there is more to the story... Click here for the rest...

Kathi's Scandinavian Almond Cake

Kathi's Almond Cake recipe is a favorite. She would rather spend her kitchen time baking, rather than cooking...she uses the most natural ingredients including real butter, whole milk and raw sugar. Kathi's Almond Cake never sticks to the pan and her secret is a little melted coconut oil rubbed on the pan prior to cooking. No sprays for her...Taste this recipe once and you are hooked! Click here for Kathi's recipe...


Aunt Harriet's Scandinavian Almond Cake

My Aunt Harriet like my Grandmother is a great cook and she had four kids to cook for...with that many taste buds to tweak, she used a few different spices to mix up the recipe. Click here for more...