Jewelry & Clothing

Jewelry & Clothing

Scandinavian jewelry and clothing are some of the neatest trinkets we offer at the Scandinavian Shoppe. Our Scandinavian jewelry and clothing will enhance your fashion sense since you’re able to bring some Scandinavian fashion into your style. One of the products you’ll find when you shop at our store is pewter jewelry from Tennug in Boras, Sweden. Pewter jewelry is jewelry made out of the material pewter. Most of our products are from a supplier in Boras, Sweden where we get a majority of our Scandinavian jewelry. In addition, when you shop at our store, you’ll find T-shirts, purses, flag earrings, key rings, necklaces, pendants, trollbeads, socks, and Swedish hats. Each of the Scandinavian products we offer are the epitome of Scandinavian fashion. With a little trinket here and there to decorate each of your outfits with, you’ll set yourself apart from American fashion when you incorporate Scandinavian fashion into your style.

Scandinavian fashion is different than American fashion or even other European countries. Scandinavian fashion focuses more on simplicity in comparison to American fashion that is more focused on following the trends. American fashion is dictated by fashion icons and those who want to produce new trends. Scandinavian fashion is based on natural looking outfits and modesty. You’ll see images of fashion icons in the United States and they tend to dress with more complexity, whereas you’ll notice with Scandinavian fashion people will dress the way they want, which is usually for comfort. Even in comparison to other countries such as France, which is home to the fashion capital of the world - Paris - Parisians will dress for fun. Scandinavian fashion is more naturally focused whereas French fashion is pairing loud pieces instead of simplicity. The pieces we offer in our Scandinavian clothing and jewelry are both simplistic and natural.

Pairing jewelry and clothing can really make an outfit. When you peruse our Scandinavian clothing and jewelry, you’ll be able to find pieces that cater to your individual style, especially if you’re a little eccentric. Our pewter jewelry gives you that traditional Nordic style you might be aiming for. Traditional Scandinavian clothing and accessories will spruce up your outfit and give it a nice European twist. Purchase some pewter jewelry and pair it with a long chain, pick out that t-shirt you’ve been eyeing for a few weeks, or purchase an adorable felt coin purse to keep your change in. Get excited for our variety of Scandinavian accessories and start shopping at the Scandinavian Shoppe to see what all of the fuss is about.

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