Advent History

Advent refers to the coming of the Lord. The word "advent” is Latin for arrival or coming. It is a time of joyful preparation for the joyous time when the son of God came to earth to live as a man among regular people. This awesome event of God being mortal and walking with us on earth was so newsworthy and of such monumental news that as Christians, we celebrate and rejoice in him for four weekends of this advent season. It can start as early as November 27th and as late as December 3rd and ends on Christmas Eve. To be more specific, the season of advent is the time period beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ending the day before. For most Western churches, this marks the beginning of the church year.

If you are a Christian, you know that this "advent season” is a period of time to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and return to earth. This connection between Jesus’ birth and death or rather his arrival, or coming, is a time of readying oneself. It is a time or reflection all the while leading gradually to the celebration of Jesus’ arrival and the lessening emphasis on fasting.

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