Kupla Glass Vase Narrow

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Kupla Glass Vase Narrow - 5 1/2" tall -    The narrow Kupla (Bubble) glass vase is a charming combination of glass, wood and round shapes – Aarikka at its purest. The Kupla vase looks lovely both by itself and when combined with other items, perhaps when surrounded by other Kupla's or accompanied by items from the Heinä set.

Each Kupla is unique, made of hand-blown glass, so they may contain small air bubbles. Aren’t they wonderful, those signs of life?

The narrow Kupla glass vase is made of glass, encircled by a wreath made of wooden beads.

Handwash. Remove the wooden wreath before wash.

Color: Clear glass, maple
Material: Glass
Size: Height 14 cm, Ø 7 cm

Made in Poland.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review