Kupla Glass Vase Mini

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Kupla Glass Vase Mini - 3" tall - The Kupla (Bubble) miniature glass vase is small, beautiful and adorned with a wreath made of wooden beads. It’s charming by itself and as a part of various settings. Choose a timeless classic, an irresistible combination of wood and glass.

The Bubble vases are made of hand-blown glass, so they may contain small air bubbles. Each vase is a unique, handcrafted individual.

The Bubble miniature glass vase is made of glass, encircled by a wreath made of wooden beads. Perfect for a single flower, for example.

Handwash. Remove the wooden wreath before wash.

Color: Clear glass
Material: Glass
Size: Ø 7 cm

Made in Poland.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review