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Stay Stylish This Summer With Scandinavian Jewelry

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Beads, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces are all pieces of jewelry that anyone can adorn. Even though you may not think you’re the most stylish person, our Scandinavian jewelry will change your mind when you see the many different ways that you can wear these Scandinavian products. At the Scandinavian Shoppe, we’re proud to offer a variety of jewelry that’s not only chic, but also fun to wear. To help you have a better summer style, take the time to explore our selection of jewelry.

Scandinavian Jewelry That Will Last A Lifetime

Jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Distinctive jewelry designs are what can set your style apart from your friends or family members. What’s great about Scandinavian jewelry from our store is that we specifically design them to be versatile. These stylish Scandinavian products are derived from authentic Nordic designs that will incorporate a different vibe into your wardrobe. Below we chose a few fantastic jewelry pieces that will implement some different fashion into your usual go-to items. From necklaces to pendants, check out what you can adorn this summer to spruce up your sun dresses and flirty skirts.

Hulda Pendant - Pewter

This three dimensional pendant is made of pewter and is hand polished for you or to give to a loved one as a present. Made in Boras Sweden, this pewter pendant is perfect for those who absolutely adore wearing unique pieces of jewelry. High-quality and detailed, the Hulda Pendant - Pewter goes with everything. Additionally, you can put it on a piece of leather or a chain of your choosing to show off this pewter pendant. Unique, fun, and chic, you’ll love wearing this pendant out and about.

Katarina Pendant - Pewter

Imported from Sweden, this pendant is truly one-of-a-kind. With three dimensional hand-polished pewter, this pendant is perfect to give to someone or keep for yourself. If you’re a jewelry enthusiast, then you’ll absolutely love this handmade pendant. High-quality, beautiful, and detailed, you can wear this necklace on a leather cord or a chain. With the ability to go with anything, this Katarina Pendant - Pewter piece of jewelry is polished and perfect.

Dala Horse Earrings (Posts) - Blue Enamel

The Dala Horse is something we’ve touched on a few times in our blog posts. These colorful and cheerful earrings are about half an inch, but they still pack a punch. The Dala Horseis a symbol of good luck and strength in Sweden. These Dala Horse Earrings may be small, but they are high-quality and detail-oriented. For more information about it, read more about the Dala Horse.

Dala Horse Silver Krystal Bracelet

If you’re more of a bracelet person, then the Dala Horse Silver Krystal Bracelet is perfect for you. This classic and understated bracelet is made of silver plated zinc and stones that are created from glass. The combination of silver plated zinc and glass is what really pulls this bracelet together. The Dala Horse on it is authentic Nordic and reminiscent of old symbols of Scandinavia. The story of the Dala Horse dates back hundreds of years to the middle of Sweden in the Dalarna region.

Love Goat Bead - Trollbeads - Silver

This Love Goat Bead is made of silver 925. At only three grams, the Love Goat Bead was created with authentic Nordic designs in mind. The Love Goat Bead will help you follow your heart and is the manifestation of the bringer of gifts. This pendant can be worn on a piece of leather or on a chain depending on the look you’d like to go for. Regardless of how you’d like to wear it, this pendant is truly one-of-a-kind.

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