Trollbeads - The original since 1976 - Every story has a bead. 

A Trollbead is a single bead that is worn on a leather cord necklace. Made of silver, it’s a single bead that was fashioned in 1976. The story behind this Nordic jewelry piece starts in Copenhagen, Denmark. A man name Soren “Silversmith” Nielsen began to create the first Trollbead faces. Created from sterling silver beads and faces. A Trollbead is named after the no less than six faces that decorate the beat. During this time, Soren “Silversmith” Nielsen began to sell the beads with faces for his father’s jewelry store in Central Copenhagen. His father, Svend Nielsen was able to sell a variety of Trollbeads to those in Central Copenhagen, but he wanted to venture out further to offer these unique Nordic jewelry beads to everyone.

Additionally, as time has passed the Trollbead became a fashionable piece of jewelry to wear with a single silver bead on a leather cord necklace. Nielsen began to hang the bead from the center of it instead of the eyelet, that way someone was able to see every detail of these Nordic jewelry pieces. Now, you can also wear these silver beads on silver bracelets due to the creator’s sister Lise Aagaard thinking innovatively about different ways to wear these Trollbeads. Due to a customer requesting it, Lise Aaggard was able to begin beading customer’s bracelets when they asked for it. Lise Aagaard decided to open her own jewelry store to sell the bead-on-bracelet jewelry and now you have the same access to these beautiful pieces as the customers in Copenhagen.

These Trollbeads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They are made out of sterling silver or glass and can be worn on a leather cord around your neck or you can decide to wear them on a bracelet. Either style you choose, these Nordic jewelry pieces will be an individual piece to wear to make your fashion stand out a little more. We offer organic bubbled Trollbeads, ones with red fathers, and sterling silver beads that have different intricate designs. If you want something bright and colorful, then the class ones are a great bead to wear. If you want to go the more traditional route, then we’re able to accommodate your needs. Regardless of your style, these Trollbeads are perfect to wear when you want to look a little dressy or when you are headed to a fun day with your friends. Now that you know the story behind these beads and how to wear them, it’s time to pick your favorite and start shopping.

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