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Find The Right Scandinavian Gift Jewelry This Holiday Season

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You have a special woman in your life and you’re not sure what to get her. While you could go a more unique route and try out some kitchenware because she loves to cook, you want to get her something that’s a little nicer. Thankfully, at the Scandinavian Shoppe, we have a selection of Scandinavian gifts you can choose from. Not only do we offer jewelry, but if you find a piece of kitchenware that’s perfect, then you can purchase it here as well. With our wide selection, you’ll find a few perfect jewelry ideas you can purchase for the special woman in your life.

A Selection Of Scandinavian Gift Jewelry

To help you figure out the best gift for your loved one when it comes to jewelry, we laid out a few of the options below. If this is your first time purchasing jewelry for your loved one, then keep in mind you should always go with something you think she would like and that would match her style. You don’t want to get her something she won’t like after all. While the decision might be difficult, this blog can lay out what to expect in each category to help you decide the right present for the special woman in your life.


Trollbeads are beautiful beads that have a fantastic history behind them. You can buy them separately and create a handmade necklace, which we can bet your special lady will love, or you can purchase one of our silver bracelets to pair with it. Each of the beads are beautifully colored with tiny designs inside. In addition, there are dala horse beads and viking ships for the woman who adores Scandinavian lore.


Bracelets are a great route to go because they are simple, elegant, and can be worn in a variety of ways. From classic bracelets to gold charm ones, you can find a selection of these pieces of jewelry for that special woman in your life. Each of the bracelets we offer are high quality, Scandinavian themed, and are either sterling silver or gold. In addition, if you purchase a charm bracelet, you’ll never wonder what to get her again — it’ll be charms for every occasion.


Earrings are a great choice as well, especially when you look through our classy and unique earrings. Our earrings range from elf Christmas themed ones to beautiful studs. You can find dala horse ones as well or flag earrings, so you can both show your love from the Nordic country.


While our selection of rings aren’t as big as our bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, you still have a variety to choose from. If your classy woman adores rings, then pick up one of these truly unique pieces of jewelry. These high quality rings can be worn with anything and are made out of sterling silver in one-of-a-kind designs.

Necklaces And Pendants

From classy to unique, you’ll find a wide selection of beautiful necklaces that she will love. From the pendant necklace to the delicate sterling silver one, we have a variety that any woman will fall in love with. In addition, you can create a pendant necklace from our variety of stand alone pendants, and then she’ll truly adore you for thinking of her.

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