Anna and the Woven Hearts Hardcover Book

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Anna and the Woven Hearts Hardcover Book - Written by Wendy Jangaard Jensen - Pictures by Emelie Wiklund.  Do you know the beautiful tradition of Scandinavian woven hearts? Discover the story with your child... and then put your newfound crafting skills into action!

Your child will be captivated from the get-go by the beautiful color illustrations and a happy little girl filled with wonder for the world.

Anna is ready to spend the afternoon with Grandma… and she has no idea what she has planned.

When she’s told they’re making ‘woven hearts’, she’s introduced to a little piece of her grandparents’ Scandinavian heritage… and your child will be too.

As Anna learns how to persevere with a difficult craft and Grandma tells her all about its meaning, your child will discover the value of pushing through when things get hard and a little more about Scandinavian tradition… all while they’re so immersed in a story that they don’t realize they’re learning at all!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review