Wool Trivet/Pot Mat Oval - Lavender

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Product Overview

Wool Trivet/Pot Mat Oval - Lavender - These oval trivets are handmade of 100% wool that gives a soft and robust feeling. Perfect to place the pots on because wool as material is both dirt and heat repellent. The trivets both protect, decorate and color the table. As for all of our wool products, this trivet is made of high quality wool, AZO-free colors and is naturally heat and stain resistant. All trivets has a loop for suspension so they can both decorate the wall as well as the table.

A longer trivet for oven pans and larger pots.

Care info:

  • Hand wash or dry clean. To remove dirt, let it dry and gentle brush it off. Do not wash in machine or natural oils of the wool will be removed. 
  • Colors are AZO free (no chemicals) and can they fade with strong sunlight.
  • Do not use when wet since colors can fade off to the surface.
  • Only use clean pots on the trivet to avoid stains from the stove.
  • Wool is not flammable, but can burn. Therefore we recommend to only use up to 250 degrees.

LengthxWidthxHeight: 33x18x2 cm
Material: 100% wool

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review