Viking Ship Amber and Silver Pendant - 18" Chain

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Viking Ship Amber and Silver Pendant - 18" Chain - Love From Norway - This three dimensional Amber and Silver Viking Ship pendant is the ideal gift for the "Raider" in us all. You don't have to be from the "Old Country" to appreciate the design, beauty and high quality standards of our 3/4" Viking Ship pendant. Handmade with high quality standards and amazing attention to fine detail, all of our Norsk jewelry makes for the perfect birthday, Christmas or friendship gift. How about a Scandinavian Viking jewelry gift for yourself?

The Viking ship is a symbol of force and power. Known and revered all over the world, the Vikings were great raiders and conquerors. With a mythical rumor created by various historical descriptions, the Vikings built their ships with large dragon heads protruding from the front. These ships as well as the men who sailed them depict strength and fearlessness.