Ekelund Tea/Kitchen Towel - Kurbitshast - 35 cm x 50 cm

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Ekelund Tea/Kitchen Towel - Kurbitshast  - 35 cm x 50 cm - Made in Horred, Sweden - Material: 100% Organic Cotton. Dalahorse Towel is by artist and designer Betty Svensson

The towel from Ekelund is of modern design. It is made from organic cotton and is made to offer the highest quality. Ekelunds has been producing towels in Horred since 1692 and this towel is made of 100% organic cotton that holds the highest quality. The towel is GOTS certified which ensures environmental production that meets social criteria. Use the towel as an important decoration item you get great use of, or give it away as a smart gift.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review