Carl Larsson Puzzle - Kersti's Birthday

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Carl Larsson Puzzle - 500 pc - Carl Larsson's Kersti's Birthday 500 -piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Five Hundred interlocking pieces.  Box Size: 8 x 10 in. Puzzle size: 24 x 18 in

Carl Larsson was born May 28, 1853 in old Stockholm. He was from a broken home but had a loving mother who cared for he and his brother Johan. They were very poor and at a young age developed extreme artistic talent which he took with him at age 13 to the Royal Academy of the Arts. In time he worked as an illustrator for a news paper and helped support the family. After several years he moved to Paris to hone his skills and at a Scandinavian atrists colony outside Paris he met his wife Karin Bergoo. This was the turning point in his artistic career. She became his inspiration and in watercolor he painted some of his most important works. They had eight children together and his family became his most favorite models. He passed away January 22, 1919.