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With the changing seasons, comes some new Scandinavian products, so it’s time to get excited for all of our new items. We’re excited to show off our selection of Scandinavian products that are new in our shop. What’s great about shopping at the Scandinavian Shoppe is the variety of different products that you can purchase for gifts, to decorate your home, or just to purchase something for yourself.

In our New In Our Shop category, we have a wide selection of handmade, eco-friendly, and versatile products. When you shop in our store, you can find a little of everything for the special people in your life or to just treat yourself because you work so hard.

Browse Our New Scandinavian Gifts

What are some of the new products that we offer at Scandinavian Shoppe? Let us tell you all about everything our Scandinavian products can offer your home or why they make the perfect gift for those special people in your life. First, all of our Scandinavian products incorporate a Nordic vibe into the home. Even if you don’t have a Nordic background or you’ve never visited that part of the world, these products can be placed in any home, that’s how versatile and unique they are. Second, you can enjoy each of these products for everything they have to offer. Whether you want a cute new tchotchke to add something different to your home or you’d like to find the perfect Scandinavian gift, Scandinavian Shoppe is the right place to shop for all of your home decor needs.

Swedish Coloring Dishcloth And Marker Set - Lucky Kitty

One of our more popular Scandinavian gifts that we offer, the Swedish dishcloth is such a beneficial choice for those who want to add a more unique flair to their kitchen. These environmentally friendly Swedish dishcloths are a great alternative to paper towels. We might even say they are better than paper towels because they cost less, absorb more, and they help the environment. What’s even better is that they add a pop of color and fun to your kitchen ad now, with this current product, you can use non-toxic permanent Sweetgum fabric markers to color on this print. Make your kitchen your own with art you’ve created.

Acrylic Guest Towel Napkin Holder - Crystal Clear

If you’re looking for a new napkin holder to add to your home, then you’ve come to the right place. This Acrylic Guest Towel Napkin Holder is in crystal clear and can easily be added to any of your tabletops for a spot of decor. You can add anything from Caspari paper to paper linen napkins since it’s the perfect size. Additionally, it’s perfect to place inside or outdoors. Make your home a little more festive with this napkin holder or just add a fancy flair in your dining, kitchen, or bathroom.

Pet Wish Birds Christmas Card Box

Are you one of those people who like to get a jumpstart on Christmas shopping? Do you want to be one of those people who get a jumpstart on their Christmas cards? Well, we have some good news for you then. We have a wide selection of Christmas cards to choose from. The Pet Wish Birds Christmas Card Box is just an example of all of the new Christmas card lists that we can offer now that we are getting closer to the holidays.

Tomte Santa Felt Ornaments

Do you love our little Tomte Santas? These felt-fellows are ornaments that can be placed on your Christmas tree or they can put around around your home. Even though it’s not even fall yet, it’s never too early to consider what ornaments you want to put on your Christmas tree. These little Santas are lightweight, cute, and can be paired with many of our other wool ornaments.

Holiday Glogg Pot With Warmer

While staying warm isn’t a problem now, it will be when we reach the chilly temperatures of winter. Don’t let this great deal go to waste by purchasing a Holiday Grogg Pot to keep all of your delicious beverages nice and toasty. You can use it to mull wine and keep it warm or to make some other delicious, warm, holiday-inspired drink. This product is also dishwasher safe so whether you purchase it for yourself or for a loved one, everyone will get a kick out of this easy gift.

Thanksgiving Harvest Paper Luncheon Napkins - 20 PK

Don’t let another Thanksgiving go by without having napkins that show off this festive, fall feast. Thanksgiving themed napkins will provide your table with a festive look. We also offer paper plates from Caspari, if you’d like to complete the Thanksgiving look. These napkins are non-toxic and have water-soluble dyes on the soft tissue that these designs are printed on. Incorporate some festive napkins while eating your Thanksgiving feast.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about presents you can purchase for the holidays or some of our new Scandinavian products that might be featured on our site. Keep in mind, you can always feel free to check out what’s on sale to take advantage of low prices.