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Add a chic, European flair to your home with our Scandinavian products for your kitchen. Each of the kitchen accessories we have are imported from Sweden and will add something a little extra to your home. Whether you want a different type of table runner or you’d like to include festive oven mitts with fish on them, we have a selection of Scandinavian products that will liven up your kitchen. What’s neat about our Scandinavian products is that they are not only decorative and stylish, but they are also very practical. The potholder will keep you safe as you cook, the table runner will add a fun theme to your dining room, and the kitchen towels will wipe up those unavoidable spills while you’re cooking. Regardless of what you’re looking to add to your kitchen, we have a variety of Scandinavian products that will add something extra.

Check Out Our Kitchen Accessories

To help you browse our products easier, we laid out what you’ll find in this section of our kitchen accessories. From kitchen towels to oven mitts, we have a wide selection of accessories that will add a unique feature to your kitchen.

Table Runners

Table runners are one of those kitchen features that a lot of people dismiss because they are usually more reserved for fancy dinners, but that’s not always the case. If you want to bring more of a family element to your dinners, then incorporate a table runner on your dining room table. We have a variety of table runners such as the dish linen ones made in Lithuania or the smaller ones that are at 14 inches by 31 inches made in Horred, Sweden.

Oven Mitts

Your oven mitts don’t have to be lacking in designs. Incorporate a 100 percent cotton with polyester filling to remove the hot items from your oven. You can liven up your kitchen with beautifully designed oven mitts. These oven mitts from the Moz Sweden line will make cooking fun again.

Kitchen Towels

Made in Sweden, these towels will pull together your kitchen when you are cooking. The size of these kitchen towels are about 12 inches by 20 inches and are made of 50 percent linen and 50 percent cotton. A kitchen towel is great for cleaning up those messes or adding more of a colorful factor to your kitchen.


A majority of our dishcloths are made of linen and are in the Disktrasa line. These dishcloths come in a variety of different colors that range from red to blue to black to green. Our dishcloths are about 33 by 33 centimeters and can be used for a variety of ways. The absorbent and supple material of these dishcloths will create a cleaner kitchen without you needing to do a majority of the work. With natural fibers and fast absorbing abilities, this linen dishcloth will easily wipe your kitchen surfaces dry.

Are you ready to add some Scandinavian products to your kitchen? Start shopping today to add a European flair!