Scandinavian Products: Danish Wedding Traditions

Posted by Scandinavian Shoppe on Sep 18th 2019

Scandinavian Products: Danish Wedding Traditions

When it comes to weddings, every culture has different wedding traditions — and Denmark is no different!

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Danish Wedding Traditions

Just like every culture and country, Denmark has their own set of traditions when it comes to weddings. Continue reading to learn more about different wedding traditions, and find a way to incorporate some Danish wedding traditions into your wedding!

The Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake used for Danish ceremonies is called a “kransekage,” or a tower of almond paste cookie rings. If this doesn’t sound like your idea of a cake, another traditional option is a cornucopia cake that is made with almonds, marzipan, and sugar paste and formed into the shape of a horn and decorated with fresh fruit or other sweets.

The Groom and His Socks

Some wedding traditions don’t think much about the socks the groom is going to wear. But in Danish wedding traditions, the groom is lifted up into the air by the wedding guests and the toes of his socks are cut off. Tradition says that this practice gives the bride her first chore as a wife: to repair her husband’s socks.

The First Dance

Unlike other cultures, the couples first dance is a bridal waltz, called the “brudevals.” According to the tradition, the couple must dance their “brudevals” before midnight. The guests will stand in a circle around the couple, clapping, and moving in closer and closer until the newlyweds are completely surrounded by their friends and family.

Wedding Kisses

There are different Danish traditions associated with wedding kisses. First, anytime the wedding guests tap their knives on their plates, the newlyweds are supposed to kiss. Think that’s not enough? When the wedding guests clink their glasses, both the bride and groom should stand on chairs and kiss.

Additionally, if the groom chooses to leave the room at any point, male guests see this as their cue to kiss the new bride. The same goes for the groom should the bride choose to leave the room.

The Tearing of the Veil

This one might sound more extreme if you’re from another culture. But in Danish tradition, the bride has her veil ripped up during the reception. During the wedding, the veil protects the bride from evil spirits. Then the veil is torn up by the guests who then take home a piece of that veil as good luck. With that piece of veil, the guests are supposed to make a wish for the newlyweeds and tie that piece to their car. When the piece of veil falls off, the wish will come true.

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