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Link Your Love Of Scandinavian Folklore with Gifts

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Scandinavian folklore is something not a lot of people know about. Unlike Greek and Norse mythology, Scandinavian folklore gets lost in the fold, which is understandable since it’s not as romanticized as other types of mythology. Due to our own love of Scandinavia, we are going to dive into the folklore that you may never have even heard of. While you purchase Scandinavian gifts for your family and loved ones, you can enjoy learning about folklore from this part of the world to wow them with. If you’d like to purchase one of the many Scandinavian products we offer as a gift for your loved one this holiday season, then check out the wide variety of options we offer.


Scandinavian Folklore To Know

We chose a few fun characters in folklore who you may or may not have heard of. If you love folklore, then we have many fun Scandinavian products that you can present to your loved ones. Turning these characters in folklore into Scandinavian gifts will remind you of how eclectic and fun this part of the world is. Our products can be great Scandinavian gifts because they are so versatile and fun. Check out our heritage section of the store as well as what’s new in our store to get a good feel of what you can gift to a loved one.

A Huldra

The first character in our folklore is Huldra or Tallemaja in Swedish. This woman is similar to a troll and lives in the woods. While you may think that she’s unattractive because she’s a troll, Huldra is actually very beautiful. She is wild with a long cow-tail. When she meets a human, she’ll hide the cow-tail behind her back. She is a fun, flirtatious, and young girl. She’s not good nor is she evil. The story of Huldra goes like this: Eve was washing her and Adam’s children when God came to visit. She had not completed bathing all of the children, so she decided to hide the ones that needed to be cleaned. When God arrived, God asked if there were more children, when Eve replied negatively, God responded with “Then let all that is hidden, remain hidden.” Those children that were hidden became lost souls who lived under earth’s surface.


The next folklore creature that we have is the Nisser. Nisser is still relevant in modern society. These little characters came up around the Scandinavian Christmas time. Christmas in Scanvian has no Santa that’s fat with a beard or lives in the North Pole. Instead, there is Nisse. Nisse lives in a barn and is a guardian for the house. Nisser are pranksters and are friendly. Essentially, they are like little Santas in Western tradition since they serve the same purpose.


Everyone has heard of dwarves and elves. Whether you're a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien books or you’re an avid Harry Potter reader, dwarves and elves come up quite often. They actually originated in Norse mythology and live in an area called Midgard. Midgard is a place that humans aren’t allowed and cannot find. Small with long beards for the men, dwarves created swords, shields, and armor for the Gods. On the other hand, the elves in the deep parts of the forest near the castle of Frøy. Elves are seen as tranquil beings that are fair and beautiful.


Another character is Scandinavian mythology is the Fossegrimmen. If you can’t pronounce it, that’s okay because Grim works as well. Grim, or Foss in Norwegian, is a water creature. Handsome, young, and musical, Grim enjoys playing his fiddle. While he sits naked under the waterfalls, he views nature as music itself. Grim will teach humans how to play music if they bring him meat.

Find Scandinavian Gifts All Dedicated To Folklore

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