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In Reasons Why You Need A Swedish Dishcloth and Clean Your Kitchen With A Swedish Dishcloth, we touched on these fantastic Scandinavian products that every household needs to make cleaning fun. Some of the top selling Scandinavian products that we offer are Swedish dishcloths. These dishcloths aren’t just environmentally friendly, but they are also fun to see in your kitchen. So what exactly are these beautifully made dishcloths and why are people going crazy for them? Our blog post will cover everything you need to know about these dishcloths and why they can be beneficial for any kitchen. We also included a few examples to allow you to see what can hang in your kitchen and how fun they can look. To see our collection of Swedish dishcloths, check out our wide selection.

What Are Swedish Dishcloths?

These Scandinavian products make the perfect gift or just a nice addition to a kitchen. What’s great about these dishcloths is that they save you money, help the environment, and they add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen. They come in many shapes, sizes, and we even offer a new product where you can design your own with fabric markers. The Swedish dishcloths are about 7 ⅞ X 6 ⅝., which makes them the perfect size. So they aren’t too large and overwhelming and they aren’t too small where they won’t pick up everything. What’s fantastic about these products is that they will absorb 15 times their weight in water. This means that you won’t have to purchase paper towels again and you can save more money and feel good about helping the environment.

Why You Should Purchase These Scandinavian Products

These Swedish dishcloths will become your new favorite piece of equipment in your kitchen. Seriously, you'll absolutely love how fun these look while lasting for a long time. Not only will they wipe up even the dirtiest and largest of spills, but they can absorb a lot more liquid than a traditional paper towel. These Swedish dishcloths are a blend of cellulose and cotton and are 100-percent natural and biodegradable.

When you use these dishcloths to absorb a spill, the cellulose fibers will softly and efficiently soak up the liquid. To clean the dishcloth, you can boil or washed at 90 degrees to get rid of the bacteria that is in your kitchen. You can say goodbye to paper towels and purchase bundles of paper products when you use the Swedish dishcloth to absorb your kitchen accidents. Additionally, you’ll love all of the patterns we offer because each one is fun, festive, or funky.

Our Selection

So what are some of the Swedish dishcloths that we offer in our shop? Well, we’re happy to show off some of our more festive ones as well as our new coloring one, we also threw in a few original ones that everyone gets a kick out of. These efficient and effective dishcloths will make cleaning up fun again — and how many things can you say that about?

Swedish Coloring Dishcloths And Market Set

If you’re a little bit of an artist, then you’ll love this dishcloth that you can color on. Yep, you read that right! You can use non-toxic permanent fabric markers to color in your dishcloth and make it 100 percent your own. This package comes with the coloring dishcloth and six non-toxic permanent markers to use on it. You’ll want to follow the directions to make sure that your beautifully designed Swedish dishcloth stays in good condition.

Happy Howloween

If you absolutely adore Halloween, then this Swedish dishcloth is the perfect option to wipe up your kitchen. Add a few scare-tastic elements to your kitchen with this festive Scandinavian product. As a compostable natural product, you’ll be able to feel good about cleaning, saving the earth, and incorporating a little bit of fall into your everyday routine.

Fa La La La Llama

If you’re a fan of llamas, then this festive Swedish dishcloth is the perfect way to go. Not only will you incorporate a hint of the holidays into your kitchen, but you can do it with llamas. Llamas are some of the most adorable animals and having them in your kitchen is always beneficial. Put a smile on your family’s face when they come into the kitchen to see this dishcloth hanging.

Toadstool Time

If you’re not ready for fall, then we have some Swedish dishcloths that will allow you to keep spring and summer in your house for a few extra months. This earth-friendly dishcloth has a pattern of mice, birds, foxes, and porcupines. To add a little more of a summer-theme, then the forging for food is perfect to decorate your home with. This red, beige, and white dishcloth is the perfect kitchen piece to end the summer on.

Dog Days

Do you go absolutely crazy for dogs? If so, then we have a Dog Days Swedish dishcloth that is a great addition to any pet-friendly home. This blue, white, and black, dishcloth has a variety of different dogs on it too, to make sure we didn’t leave any furry-friend out. For those who are cat lovers, then we also have Cats Meow.

If none of these Swedish dishcloths have caught your eye, then don’t worry! For more of a selection of our Swedish dishcloths, you can always check out our wide variety of these Scandinavian products. We have everything from sailboats to sunflowers!