Svea Cotton/Vinyl Mix Plastic Rug - Graphite

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Svea Cotton/Vinyl Mix Plastic Rug - Graphite - Available in two sizes... HORREDSMATTAN SWEDISH RUGS - Our mix rugs combine old and new, meaning classic and trendy patterns with great variety. The rugs, which are a mixture of cotton and vinyl, are easy-to-handle and almost indestructible. Durable and easy to clean, indoor and outdoor vinyl rugs. Horredsmattan rugs stand as Swedish tradition, giving you an opportunity to furnish with stylish carpets of high quality design. While being aesthetically pleasing, they also offer a unique durability other cotton weave rugs cannot. Each jacquard pattern is designed in Sweden with a strong focus on tradition. Rugs are woven using traditional techniques by people with unique skills and a passion for its craft.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review