Porcelain Ornaments Small Gift Bag - 1 Each

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Porcelain Ornaments Small Gift Bag - Adorned with cheerful colors, eye-catching prints and patterns, and art from artist and museums around the world, Caspari gift bags elevate your present presentation through exceptional design and quality. Each is printed on durable, heavy-duty paper and features strong handles for carrying. The details of Caspari bags, however, are what truly make them special. Printed with high-quality inks, stamped in gold foil, adorned with die-cut ornament tags and applique elements, tied with a bow, finished in a high gloss, or given a matte finish, each bag is designed to be extraordinary and unique. Filled with personality, our gift bag assortment offers a design for any person, age, and occasion. 

This small square bag is perfect for carrying little or uniquely shaped gifts.
High-quality printed on durable paper with a strong carrying handle.
Single Bag
5.75"W x 2.5"D x 5.75"H

In this Design: Artist Carolyn Bucha has painted ornaments inspired by traditional porcelain patterns in vibrant, classic colors and accented with sprigs of greenery and ribbons