Jul & Christmas - New

Jul & Christmas - New

Jul & Christmas is a time for showing your appreciation for your loved ones. One way you can show your appreciation is by giving your loved ones Scandinavian gifts that are heartfelt and will show your adoration for the special people in your life. When you shop at our Scandinavian Shoppe, you’ll be able to find an array of gifts that represent your loved one’s interest and hobbies to a tee. In addition, our products are also great for decorations and to make sure your gifts are wrapped beautifully. These Scandinavian gifts are holiday focused with Tomte-Santas and other little trinkets that will look great in any home or are perfect to give as a present.

Jul is the Christmas holiday in Sweden. Essentially, Jul is the Swedish Christmas that is celebrated all through December until St. Knut’s Day on January 13th. During this time gifts are only exchanged on Christmas Eve, which is still December 24th and the Lucia Day is also celebrated on December 13. During this time, you can shop for Scandinavian gifts that represents your love for your country, heritage, or just demonstrates your passion for different cultures. This time of the year is for giving and what better way to show your appreciation then by gifting your family presents that they will love and cherish forever.

Some of the Scandinavian gifts we offer for adults who enjoy figurines are Tomte figures that are made from ceramic, cat figurines, mini pixies, Anja dolls, elf brooches, earrings that have frost elves, and ornament mugs for your friends or family to use every day. Some of the household gift wrapping items we offer are gift labels for Jul, Christmas cards, and beautifully designed Christmas wrapping paper. We also have an advent calender, so you can count down the days until Christmas. For kids, we have beautiful mobiles that are made from Christmas trees or family mobiles. Regardless of who you are shopping for, our Jul and Christmas Scandinavian gifts are perfect for anyone of any edge or interest. From dolls to earrings to household items, you’ll be hardpressed to find gifts that better match your loved one’s personality.

If you’re looking for the perfect Scandinavian gift for your loved one, then take the time to start shopping at our store. With a wide variety of figurines, jewelry, and other tchotchkes, your loved ones will enjoy a Christmas and Jul they’ll never forget. In addition, if you’re looking for Christmas or Jul decor, then check out our Nordic centerpieces, gift wrapping, and Jute tree skirts.

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