Hand Bags & Purses

Hand Bags & Purses

From coin purses to tote bags, our Scandinavian Shoppe is the height of fashion for those who want something cute to carry items in and keep them organized. While Scandinavian fashion comes in many forms, these handbags and purses are ideal for storing your most valuable possessions. If you’re tired of looking around your bag for smaller items, then we have the solution for you. With our felt coin purses, you can carry a variety of items. From coins to hair accessories, these coin felt purses are just the thing to keep you organized in your purse. If you’re looking for Scandinavian fashion, then our outlet is the right place for you to begin to shop for your handbags and purses.

At our Scandinavian outlet, we strive to offer a variety of high quality items that will make you smile every time you slide them out of your purse. If you want the owl felt coin purse, then we have a red, white, and blue decorated felt purse that will keep your items in one place. If you want something a little more spring-like, then our honey bee felt coin purse or the knit flowered one will brighten your day with a dash of springtime. We also offer more Nordic festive coin felt purses such as the Reindeer one, so you can enjoy colder weather all year round with the simple reminder of the two animals. These coin purses are made from 100 percent felt and are about five inches by four and a half inches. Each of these coin purses are imported from Sweden, so you know that they will keep your items safe.

Our tote bags are just as adorable and fun as our coin felt purses. Our tote bags have owls, Dala Horses, and Alma blue designs on them. Each of these tote bags are made from felt and are about 12 inches by 9 inches in size. They are imported from Sweden as well, so you don’t have to worry about anyone having the same purse that you do. These purses can carry a variety of items in them and are big enough to fit your personal items.

If you want to add a different element of fashion to your style, then our handbags and purses are the easiest way to do so. Start shopping above at our Scandinavian outlet to find the right item for you.

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