Ekelund Organic Soft Throw Blanket - Ravar - 140 cm x 170 cm

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Ekelund Organic Soft Throw Blanket - Ravar - 140 cm x 170 cm - 51 inch x 69 inch - 100% organic cotton. Ekelund Design Studio. Machine washable. Ekelund has been mastering the art of weaving textiles in Sweden for 450 years.

This product is a classic plaid from Ekelund that you can take with you on the trip or furnish with home. Our rugged plaids are made of 100% organic cotton and they are of the highest quality. With beautiful motifs it becomes a pure pleasure to use the plaque or give it away as a gift. The plaque has been GOTS certified for a manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Enjoy a plaid that will have a special place in your home and heart for many years to come!