The Best Scandinavian Gifts For Mother’s Day

Apr 29th 2019

The Best Scandinavian Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure you are prepared with the perfect gift to show your mother how important she is in your life.

At Scandinavian Shoppe, we cherish our Scandinavian history and roots. This Mother’s Day, find a Scandinavian gift reminiscent of that rich history and family heritage. Shop our unique and authentic collection of Scandinavian gifts today!

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Scandinavian Gifts

Are you looking for a personalized gift for your mother this Mother’s Day? A Scandinavian gift is thoughtful and will help give your mother a piece of Scandinavian history. Look through our gift suggestions and find the perfect something!

Apple soap

This apple-scented soap smells delicious and will keep your mother’s kitchen or bathroom smelling fresh all spring and summer. This soap from Grunne contains just a few ingredients — including essential oils and tinctures, sea salt, and saponified coconut oil — and is a soap gentle enough for your mother and her hands.

Kitchen towel

If your mom spends too much time in the kitchen cooking and baking delicious foods, then show her how much you appreciate that with a beautiful Scandinavian kitchen towel. Along with being absorbent and fast-drying, this towel is decorated with beautiful flowers and little houses. All of these towels are from Lapun Kankurit and are handmade in a weaving mill in Lapua, Finland.

Egos Copenhagen Slippers

Remind your mother to rest with the Egos Copenhagen Slippers. Made with natural sheep’s wool, these slippers will keep your mother’s feet protected while she’s in the house.

Decorative Candles

These decorative, handmade flat candles provide a unique gift that will make your mother think about you every time she sees it. This candle has a calming water landscape that will look perfect in any room of her house, whether she decides to burn this candle or keep it preserved forever.

Kurbits flower soap

Pamper your mom with a bar (or two) of Swedish soap. This Kurbitsblomma soap, scented Kurbits Flower, is handmade in Klockargarden, Sweden. When your mom uses this soap, the unique combination of fruits, herbs, soft meadow grass, and red berries will remind her of Sweden.

Scandinavian Reading Material

If your mother is looking for the right book for book club next month, give her a copy of The Adventures of Liliy Huckleberry in Scandinavia. Protagonist Lily Huckleberry uses her magic to travel to Scandinavia and finds herself having the save the Midsummer party. This tale, by Audrey Smit & Jackie Knapp, contains a rich look at Nordic history and culture that your mom will love.

Mamma Luva with Heart Apron Tomtemor Figure

The Tomte is a creature familiar to Scandinavian folklore. These little fellows are considered the first inhabitants of the farm, caring for the animals and land. The spirit of the Tomte can help protect the home. This Mother’s Day, give your mother the protection of the Tomte with this ceramic Mamma Luva figurine.

Scandinavian Gifts From The Scandinavian Shoppe

You can never go wrong with Scandinavian gifts from the Scandinvian Shoppe this Mother’s Day! Be prepared with something that is more than just a gift — give her something rich in Scandinavian customs and culture.

If you still don’t see a gift fit for your mother, make sure you browse our shop to find just the right gift!