The 9 Best Scandinavian Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Jan 25th 2019

The 9 Best Scandinavian Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday celebrated in the U.S.. Scandinavian countries also have their own traditions associated with the holiday, including the giving of Scandinavian gifts.

Sweden celebrates a holiday on Feb. 14 called Alla Hjärtans Dag, while Denmark and Norway call the holiday Valentinsdag.

In Sweden, Alla Hjärtans Dag means “All Hearts Day,” which is a day for sharing sweet pastries and candies. This holiday has only been celebrated in Sweden since the 1960s, but it’s become a romantic day to exchange sweets and celebrate with someone special, much like Valentine's Day in America.

Valentinsdag is a cognate for Valentine’s Day and is celebrated in Denmark and Norway. In Norway, this holiday is popular with younger Norwegians who buy flowers and candies for their romantic counterparts. Proposals are common on Valentinsdag, like in the U.S.. But in Norway, it was believed that Valentinsdag was the day birds would mate to create offspring. If two birds are seen mating on Valentinsdag, it represents true love for Norwegians.

Denmark has a different tradition associated with Valentinsdag called gækkebreve, or “snowdrop letter.” Gækkebreve involves sending a romantic letter or poem to someone special. But the sender of gækkebreve will not sign their name, instead putting clues in the letter and signing with dots. The message’s receiver must guess who sent the letter or poem. Gækkebreve is also a Danish Easter tradition with the prize of an “easter egg” if the sender is guessed correctly.

For any tradition or holiday you celebrate this February, the Scandinavian Shoppe has a beautiful collection of Scandinavian jewelry and gifts for that special someone.

Scandinavian Jewelry

Jewelry is always a romantic gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Our Scandinavian jewelry is not only beautiful, but it is also rooted in our Scandinavian traditions and folklore.

Ring Spiro

This round ring is the perfect piece of Scandinavian jewelry to gift your special someone. Made in Sweden by Roberto Leonardo, the large spiral on the ring is an eye-catching choice.

Dala Horse Earrings

In Swedish culture, the Dala horse symbolizes strength and good luck. This piece of Scandinavian jewelry is the perfect gift to represent the strength of your friendship or relationship this Valentine’s Day. Now you just have to decide which pair to get: rose or gold?

Dala Horse, Silver Heart Bracelet

If you’d rather give a bracelet this Valentine’s Day, this Dala horse will still represent strength and good luck. The bracelet is handmade in Dalarna, Sweden, making it an authentic and thoughtful Scandinavian gift.

Cut Out Heart Pendant

When your special someone wears this heart pendant from En Gry & Sif Denmark, it serves as a powerful reminder of your love for each other.

Scandinavian gifts

If you’re looking for a gift this Valentine’s Day that is not jewelry, the Scandinavian Shoppe also has plenty of gifts that are perfect for your special someone.

Pewter Dala Horse

If you want to move away from jewelry but still like what the Dala horse represents, this 1-inch figurine is a great idea. This small pewter horse is the perfect gift to show someone that you’re thinking of them. This horse is handmade and polished in a workshop in Tennung, Sweden. Share this sentimental piece of Scandinavian culture with your friend or partner.

Ekelund Tea Towel with Hearts

Decorate your kitchen with hearts this year. This tea towel is made in Horred, Sweden, and designed by Ekelund. Every towel is made on a computerized jacquard loom, a modern version of the traditional jacquard weaving method used as early as 1850 in Sweden. This history makes these tea towels a great Scandinavian gift.

Candy Hearts Swedish Dishcloth

Bring some cute candy hearts to your kitchen with these heart-shaped dishcloths. These towels are made of cellulose fibers that are both environmentally friendly and absorb 15 times their weight in water. This gift is the perfect balance of a compostable product that also represents the Valentine’s Day season.

Pixie Girl with Braided Hair

While this cute Pixie Girl is holding a heart-shaped purse, the tradition behind the Scandinavian pixie extends even further. Pixies (or Nisse) are Scandinavian household spirits that watch over the household and the prosperity of that house. For farming families, Nisse can complete household chores and make the farm prosperous. This pixie girl would be a great Valentine’s Day gift that also brings a powerful Scandinavian tradition to the home of someone special.

Amour Votive Candleholder

No Valentine’s Day dinner is complete without candles. This beautiful heart-shaped candleholder will help you give the gift of a perfect dinner.

From Valentine’s Day and Valentinsdag to Alla Hjärtans Dag, Scandinavian gifts are a great choice for someone special this February. Don’t forget to check out Scandinavian Shoppe for more Scandinvaian jewelry, gifts, and traditions!