Hosting The Perfect Summer Brunch

Posted by The Scandinavian Shoppe on Apr 6th 2019

Hosting The Perfect Summer Brunch

During the summer months, the weather is perfect for hosting family and friends. While many of us envision backyard barbecues, the evening is not the only perfect time to host. Summer makes an excellent season for having friends or family over for a delightful mid-morning brunch.

If you want to host a brunch this summer, we are here to help. We offer an array of Scandinavian products that will help make your brunch one to remember. From paper napkins with delightful designs to high-quality cheese knife sets, we carry everything you need to make your brunch one to remember.

Check out these tips for hosting the perfect summer brunch and start shopping for all the supplies you need through the Scandinavian Shoppe today.

Decorate The Area

Before you start worrying about your menu and planning what to wear, start by decorating the area where you will be hosting brunch. Ideally, an outdoor space is the perfect place to host the brunch. This allows everyone to enjoy the warmth of summer and the fresh outdoor air.

Choose bright colors for your decorations. Another great touch is to hang a few small wind chimes in the area. This will add not only a beautiful piece of decor, but will also provide a gentle musical sound. Our Little Piper Chime featuring a sun is the perfect added touch for your brunch. This wind chime is small enough it won’t overwhelm the space, but still offers a delightful musical effect.

Set A Stunning Table

Perhaps the biggest focal point of your brunch will be your table. Make sure that you focus on setting a stunning table. Choose a bright and colorful tablecloth or opt for a subdued earthen tone to allow your decorations to be the bold pieces.

Purchase some fun and colorful napkins for your table setting. We carry an array of delightful choices, so be sure to browse our entire luncheon napkins collection. Here you will find everything from napkins with honey bees to nautical themes.

Shop for unique Scandinavian decorations to adorn your table. You might add a whimsical Pupunen Bunny or an adorable garden gnome. Don’t forget to also add a set of candles in true Scandinavian fashion.

Finish the table setting with a beautiful bouquet of fresh summer flowers.

Focus On Fun

As you go about decorating the space for your brunch, make sure you remember the focal point of the event — having fun with family and friends. A brunch should be a delightful affair that is filled with laughter and happiness. Don’t worry so much about how you look or if the food you made came out perfect, but rather, keep the focus on ensuring every guest is having a good time. Be sure to engage everyone in conversation and take notice of all your guests. People will remember the fun and festivities far more than the food you served or how your hair looked on the day of the event.


Shop Our Store For Your Brunch

If you are getting ready to host a summer brunch, be sure to spend some time browsing the Scandinavian Shoppe. We carry an array of Scandinavian products that will help your event go off without a hitch. Beyond just the adorable decorations we carry, we also have Swedish tea towels to help as you prepare the meal. We offer delightful bakeware and other items you will need to host your brunch successfully. Above all else, make sure you have a good time as you go about picking the perfect items for your summer brunch.