The Perfect Scandinavian Gifts For Spring

Posted by The Scandinavian Shoppe on Mar 28th 2019

The Perfect Scandinavian Gifts For Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year. With flowers blooming, the final snow melting away, and warmer days ahead, it is easy to get caught up in the mood of happiness and giving. If you are feeling the spirit of the season, perhaps you might consider giving a loved one a special spring gift. Put together an array of gifts in a basket or choose a couple of items off the list to brighten your loved one’s day.

Here at the Scandinavian Shoppe, we are proud to provide beautiful and high-quality Scandinavian gifts to meet any season. Feel free to browse our spring collection of items and pick out a few of your favorites. Check out the following ideas for gifting during the spring.

#1: Pupujussi Bunny

When you envision spring, there is probably one animal that is sure to come to mind — a bunny. Associated with Easter and the entire spring season, bunnies are a wonderful decorative touch for any home. If you are hoping to put together a spring-themed gift, don’t forget to include an adorable bunny with lots of character.

Our Pupujussi Bunny is the perfect spring Scandinavian gift. Designed by Paulina Aarikka, this endearing bunny is made in Finland and designed with maple. The perfect addition to an Easter table or spring decor, this little bunny rabbit will be a well-received gift by any.

#2: Ekelund Tea/Kitchen Towel - Spring

Every area of the home should see a touch of spring including the kitchen. Provide your loved one with the perfect way to add spring to their kitchen — with a spring-themed kitchen towel. Our Ekelund Tea/Kitchen Towel features a gorgeous floral design that is inspired by the warmth of spring. This Swedish tea towel makes the perfect gift for any home.

Not only will your loved one enjoy the beautiful and fresh design of this towel, but they will also enjoy the practical use of the gift. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

#3: Caspari Duet Candles - Petal Pink

No Scandinavian gift would be complete without the inclusion of candles. The Scandinavian countries are well-known for their love of candles. In any home, you will find candles scattered throughout each room, providing light and a decorative touch. Add our Caspari Duet Candles in Petal Pink to your gift basket for an extra dash of color.

These delightful candles are crafted in Hungary and feature a bright pink color. They will make an excellent centerpiece or can be placed throughout the home for an extra splash of spring. Purchase a pair or stock up on a few to gift to multiple friends.

#4: Caspari Easter Garden Luncheon Napkins

With the warmer days of spring come opportunities for picnics and luncheons. Prepare your loved one for their next brunch with our Caspari Easter Garden Luncheon Napkins. Each pack contains 20 paper napkins, which makes this a great gift for the person in your life who loves to entertain.

These delightful napkins feature a spring design with flowers and baby chicks. The beautiful bright colors of the napkins will make them stand out on any table setting. If you are putting together a spring basket for your friend or family, these will make a great addition. Simply tuck alongside a tea towel and candle set for the perfect Easter table.

#5: A Bouquet Of Spring Flowers

Finally, it might not be found among our Scandinavian gifts, but it is still worth making the list. Pair all your beautiful gifts with a bouquet of spring flowers. A bunch of yellow daffodils paired with purple hyacinths will make an excellent final touch for your gift. These flowers will help bring in spring with their bright and cheery presence. Not only that, but they will make a great match to the other gifts in your basket, tying the entire theme together.


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