Decorative Tips For Making Your Kitchen Brighter This Spring

Posted by The Scandinavian Shoppe on Apr 2nd 2019

Decorative Tips For Making Your Kitchen Brighter This Spring

During the spring season, as you notice the beautiful colors around you, you might start taking a look around your home and wishing you could add a splash of that brightness indoors as well. One area that often starts to look a little drab over the years is the kitchen. The good news is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a remodel to make your kitchen brighter.

Here at the Scandinavian Shoppe, we carry a vast assortment of household items that will help brighten your home. Today we will focus on your kitchen and the top ways you both utilize our Scandinavian home decor as well as other simple methods for improving the look and feel of the space. Check out these top decorative tips for making your kitchen bright this spring.

#1: Start With A Deep Clean

First things first, your kitchen will never be able to shine and show off its true potential if it is covered in grime. Take the time to deep clean your kitchen before you start decorating the space. Try to find a full day you can dedicate to this one room. Start by getting rid of any trash that is lying around. Then work your way through the kitchen scrubbing countertops, cabinets, floors, and any appliances.

Make sure that as you deep clean, you aren’t missing a single space. Everything from the gap between your fridge and the wall to your kitchen sink should be scrubbed down and made to look fresh. The cleaner your kitchen is, the easier it will be to make look like new. You might be surprised at how much brighter your kitchen is from a simple deep clean.

#2: Organize The Space

Next, your kitchen might be looking a little drab due to too much clutter. If your countertops are burried in appliances and random items, take the time to organize. The less clutter the better. Put away as much as you can and get rid of any unnecessary items. For example, if you have both a toaster oven and a toaster, do you really need both?

If you are working with a small space, it can feel difficult to organize. Think about creative ways to put things out of sight. Perhaps you can add hooks to the wall to hang things. Maybe you can create more space in your cabinets by organizing what is already in there.

#3: Spend Time Assessing The Current Style

Once your kitchen is spotless and as organized as possible, take some time standing in the room. Look around and assess what the current style is. Do you have any artwork hanging? What condition are your kitchen towels and washcloths in? Are there any extra decorative touches throughout?

Once you have an idea of what you are working with, you can get to work creating a warmer space.

#4: Purchase New Bright Decorations

Our Scandinavian gifts make the perfect choice for brightening a kitchen. Start by getting rid of old drab towels and washcloths. Replace them with Swedish tea towels and dishcloths. We offer a vast selection of prints, so you will be sure to find something that suits your style.

Next, move on to extra decorative touches. For example, you could add a new oven mitt or pot mats. Add some candles for an extra Scandinavian touch. You don’t have to spend a lot to brighten up the space quickly. Even something as simple as swapping out old linens can make a huge impact on how the room looks.


#5: Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Finally, top off your beautiful clean kitchen with some fresh flowers and produce. Visit your local farmer’s market and shop for some seasonal flowers. A bright bouquet in your kitchen will add a stunning natural touch to the space. Fresh produce is not only good for you to eat, but will also add a rustic and homey feel to the kitchen. Having a bowl of colorful fruits and vegetables on display will add another level of life to your kitchen.

Brightening a kitchen doesn’t require investing in a full remodel. It is often the simple act of clearing out the space and adding in new bright decor that truly makes the difference. You might find that when you are done, you have been inspired and you wish to tackle more of your home.

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