Ekelund Baby Blanket - New Arrival

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New Arrival
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Ekelund Baby Blanket - New Arrival - 70 cm x 75 cm - 28 inch x 30 inch - 100% organic cotton. Machine washable. Ekelund has been mastering the art of weaving textiles for 450 years. 

With GOTS-certified cotton, our baby blankets are smooth and safe against the baby's skin. The design makes the baby blanket a pleasure to look at. It offers coziness as well as nice atmosphere. The baby blanket is a perfect gift. The material is easy to keep clean and very durable. This is important as it is a gem that will be used extensively for several years. A tip is to get at least two baby blankets as they may be needed at home as well as in the stroller and car.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review