The Christmas Collection - 3 Assorted Scented Candles

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Hat box, drum, tube. Call it what you will. Klinta’s Christmas Collection has been a fixture under the tree for many years now across Scandinavia. This year it’s stepped into a more stylish suit which will doubtless charm ladies and gentlemen alike with its new get-up.

The contents are the same - three of Klinta’s Little Candles that have been made in England using the finest ingredients and featuring our three Christmas fragrances to bring immediate festive inspiration!

Orange, Clove & Cinnamon: Orange & Clove is a classic Christmas fragrance. Sun-ripened oranges and dried cloves merge with cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla to give a warm, spicy and utterly seductive aroma. The Christmas candle.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh: This glorious fragrance combination was popular long before the Three Wise Men arrived. Myrrh and frankincense have been used in temples the world over and by women as a body fragrance way back in the old Persian Empire. We at Klinta love the luxuriant, deep and rich mix of aromas - sharp lemon, ripe oranges and sweet vanilla in marvelous tandem with darker patchouli and floral jasmine. An unusual combination that really gets your sense of smell firing!

Mistleberry: Klinta’s sought-after Mistleberry is a sweet-n-sour combination with a fruity berry base and undertones of vanilla and apple. A fragrance that brings lovers together under the mistletoe, ensuring kiss after kiss after kiss.