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Incorporate European Clogs Into Your Summer Style

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No matter where you may be located in the United States, you’ve probably been exposed to the blistering heat. Whether you live in Texas or you reside in Ohio, you’ve been touched by the heat even though the official start of summer isn’t for a few weeks. As the weather outside heats up, you probably want to spend some time figuring out your summer wardrobe. Perhaps, you need to switch out your winter closet for your summer one or purchase a few new necessities to ensure you stay comfortable during these next sweltering weeks. Thankfully, our Scandinavian products are perfect for allowing you to stay cool as the weather heats up. In fact, we have some fantastic Scandinavian clogs that will provide you with comfort and style this summer.

Add A Splash Of Color With These Options

Are you tired of wearing the same old flip-flops when you go out? Do you want to introduce some style into your wardrobe? Are you ready to let your toes breathe? We have some great news for you! A selection of clogs that will meet all of your needs. Whether you want to wear darker clogs or bright and summery ones, you can find exactly what you want when you shop for Scandinavian products at the Scandinavian Shoppe. To give you a sneak-peak at what you can wear this summer, we have provided five amazing and fun clogs that might be just what you’re looking to wear to allow your feet to be comfortable and fashionable.

Greta Clog Sandal - Teal Blue

You can’t go wrong with these Greta Clog Sandals in teal blue. No matter what you want to wear these shoes with, they are perfect to adorn your feet with any outfit. Open-toed, ankle straps, and a buckle, you’ll love the feel and the look of these versatile shoes. The teal blue color and the original wood offset each other and give this already summery shoe and more flirty look. With even weight distribution and anatomically constructed foot beds, you’ll be comfortable while flaunting these shoes.

Anna Clog - Sandals In Grass Green - Women’s

It’s not officially summer without a dose of green in your wardrobe! These Anna Clog - Sandals in grass green are fun to wear with sundresses, skirts, and even with a pair of jeans. With a braided front and easily adjustable straps, these leather shoes are not only stylish, but comfortable as well. The raised heels will give you a bit of height without making you feel uncomfortable like a large heel. Additionally, the foot beds have anatomical support for the metatarsal arches and the scaphoids.

Mary Jane Clog - Sandals In Red

These close-toed sandals provide you with that summer feel without leaving your feet exposed. The adjustable straps and the varnished natural wood bottoms with the red leather on these Mary Jane Clogs make a statement however you decide to wear them. If you’d like to pair these with a flirt skirt or with a dark-wash pair of jeans, then you can do just that. These versatile sandals have all of the characteristics of comfort and style you may be looking for in clogs.

Da Vinci Clogs In Bordeaux Suede - Original Sole Collection

Made of suede leather, the Da Vinci Clogs in Bordeaux Suede are beyond comfortable. With a classic strap over the instep of the clogs, these traditional Swedish clogs provide support and style. These traditional shows support the arches and reduce lower back strain and foot discomfort due to the design of the show. The classic strap over the instep and the brown stained bottoms will add a bit of Scandinavian style to your summer wardrobe.

Astrid Clog Sandal - Onyx - Women’s

Open-toed and easily adjustable, the Astrid Clog Sandals are fun to wear and comfortable. Made of onyx leather, these varnished wooden clog bottoms will melt to your feet. The Troentorp clogs are perfect to wear because of the construction of the shoe and how it event distributes your weight, so you don’t have to worry about back, feet, and leg pain.

Want more options? Don’t worry, we have a selection of clogs that are perfect for all your needs.