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Get Your Home Ready For Fall

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While it’s only getting toward the end of August, that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to get ready for fall. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year no matter where you’re located. The changing leaves, the crisp air, and the promise of good food are just the tip of everything that fall can offer. If you’re the type to incorporate a few fun home decor pieces that have to do with autumn, then our Scandinavian products are the perfect place to start. We have a wide selection of Scandinavian gifts and products that will add a little fall to your home. To check out our full selection, first stop in New In Our Shop, and shop your way through everything we have to offer.

Six Items You Need In Your Home This Fall

Fall is one of the most magical times of the year. It’s a season of change, cool air, and delicious treats. From pumpkin flavored everything to the falling leaves from the trees, our Scandinavian gifts and products will tap into your inner desire to decorate your home in fall. Additionally, these products can be an excellent Scandinavian gift to any of your loved ones. If you’re prepared to incorporate a bit of autumn into your home, then start shopping for the perfect item to place in your home.

Rattan Cocktail Napkin Holder - White Natural

Napkin holders really add a fun element to any home. We have a variety of napkin holders, but the most fall-inspired one we offer is the Rattan Cocktail option. This beautifully woven basket is made from rattan material. Rattan is a natural type of wicker that’s made from natural resources such as bamboo, willow, and other fibers that keep it together in a sturdy fashion.This napkin holder is the perfect size to hold Caspari paper or paper linen napkins. Whatever you decide to put in this napkin holder, it’ll look neat and put together. It can hold up to two packs of napkins and even though you can put it outside, we strongly recommend bringing it inside to avoid inclement weather.   

Cutting Board And Spreader Set

Cutting Board And Spreader Set are essential for fall because of all the tasty treats you’ll be making. In the fall, there are so many ripe veggies and fruit that it might be impossible to not cut into and create something delicious. This Cutting Board And Spreader Set will be just the thing that you need to make the cooking and baking experience even better. This Cutting Board And Spreader Set are 7 ½ inches X 4 ¾ inches, which makes it the perfect size to get all of your prep work done. Also, it was made in Estonia.

Thanksgiving Harvest Paper Guest Towel Napkins

Thanksgiving is a time for giving, being thankful, and eating a lot of food. For this reason, it’s important that you have guest towel napkins to ensure that you and your guests stay clean during this delicious feast. In one package, you can expect 15 check paper guest towels for Thanksgiving. Then you can use these napkins to create a more festival and formal table arrangement to celebrate Thanksgiving. We also have paper plates, if you’d like to tie the look together even better. The best part of these paper napkins is that they are 100 percent biodegradable.

Scandi Apple Handmade Scented Natural Soy Candle

Do you want your home to smell like fall? Of course, you do! This Scandi Apple Handmade Scented Natural Soy Candle will provide your home with a rich scent. It will incorporate a hint of spice and a bushel of freshly picked apples. What’s great about these scents is that they are phthalate-free and the use all-natural soy wax and fine fragrance oils as well as cotton core wicks. Handmade and beautifully scented, this natural soy candle is just the fragrance that you want in your home this fall.

Candle Ring - Autumn Berry Cone

Whether you want a nice centerpiece for all of fall or you’d just like to put a little something on your table during Thanksgiving dinner, the Candle Ring - Autumn Berry Cone is an excellent addition to incorporate on your table. This versatile option doesn’t even have to go on the table if you’d like to purchase a few and put them through your home. At only three inches, this candle wreath was imported from Sweden and gives your home a distinctively autumn vibe.

Cheese Knife Set

Cheese can be enjoyed any time of the year, but there’s something about eating fresh apples, cheese, and other delicious items you could find on a charcuterie board. This Cheese Knife Set has three pieces that are five inches each. You’ll find the cutter/pusher, fork, and the knife. Each of these are the perfect cheese cutting utensil to put out to impress your guests, especially because of the stainless steel and oak handles.

To enjoy more of our fall items, stay tuned for our next blog!